About Johnny Rogers

Image of Johnny RogersWho Says that Free Advice is Bad Advice!

When you want to have success online, you need quality digital marketing. As a digital marketing and web analytics consultant, Johnny Rogers offers his expertise to entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to be found online.

Johnny Rogers Demystifies Marketing

Johnny takes the mystery out of marketing for small businesses. By showing small business owners how to take control of their web presence and use analytic tools, he empowers his clients to take charge of their own marketing solutions.

The Power of Passion

He is passionate about implementing a solid search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing strategy for his clients. His work drives traffic to his clients’ sites, boosts their visibility and increases their authority.

Johnny Roger’s services also include providing strategic analysis for clients whose sites are not performing to the desired standard.

He serves as a subject matter expert for technical SEO and produces detailed recommendations for how his clients can be more visible to their customers.

Johnny Rogers Is Not that Guy

Don’t let his attempt at a Heisman pose lead you to believe that he’s the former Heisman Trophy Winner. That’s Johnny Rodgers, you can find him here. But if you’re looking for quality online resources your’e in the right place.